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Polishing Brush


The  SaphirMedaille d’Or Polishing Brush is suited to cleaning and shining.  Made with a stiff bristle, this brush is designed to remove excess  polish and add a subtle shine to wax applications. It is also useful in  removing dirt and dust, especially from textured leathers.


Technical information


The Polishing Brush is made from boar bristle, which is a naturally stiffer fibre, with a Babinga hardwood handle.

The harder bristles ensure long-term performance and professional results.


Suitable Uses


Works with all leather types that require polishing.


Care instructions


  1. The Polishing Brush is used to remove dirt and excess wax from the shoe before applying waxes.
  2. If applying wax polish to the shoe, use a dabbing brush or cotton chamois. Do not use the Polishing Brush.
  3. Once the waxes are dry, use the Polishing Brush to remove excess wax and work up a subtle shine.
  4. To achieve a high shine, finish by quickly buffing with a horsehair brush.




Do not apply shoe polish with the Polishing Brush. Use a dabbing brush or cotton chamois.

All polishing brushes accumulate polish residue over time so use a brush with bristles similar in colour to the polish.

The Polishing Brush can also frequently be used to remove dirt and dust from leathers.